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Complete List of Lectures  • The Friends have had an impressive history of illustrated talks

FOCM CONSTITUTION  •  The Society’s Governing Document, describing the organisation’s Objects and Procedures.

50 years’ Support – Acquisitions by Friends 1949-1999  •  Examples of The Friends’ contribution to preservation of Colchester’s history.

Len Drinkell Talk  •  Len Drinkell was an original member of the Friends of Colchester Museums and Art Galleries which was founded in 1949. To mark the 50th Anniversary of the Society in June 1999, Len gave a talk at the Annual General Meeting recalling his memories of those first 50 years. Now, thanks to the efforts of our former Newsletter Editor, Peter Constable, a transcript of Len’s talk has been made available for all to read. It can be accessed here, by clicking on the link above.



Photograph reproduced courtesy of Nora Drinkell